They say that 90 per cent of your body heat escapes from your head. So why not put a cap on it this season and stay warm while remaining super chic. St Laurent Centre has your top covered with a multitude of chapeau options that are totally on trend and practical. We can thank Cara Delevingne for making the beanie popular this year; she was seen off the runway rocking this look time and time ag[...]
  If you are looking to take a fashionable step into spring, let your shoes lead the way. Sleek, sophisticated and ladylike, spring footwear for women in Ottawa, has come a long way! Here are some HOT heels available now, at St Laurent Centre. Pointy-Toe Stiletto: This classic shoe is coming back strong, offering it in an array of wearable shoes. The narrowed point, inspired by t[...]
You can’t help but love Alexa Chung’s ability to channel that perfect laissez-faire chic. And so does everyone else! She’s won the Style Icon award at the British Fashion Awards for the third consecutive time. The question is how DOES Alexa continue to be such a trend-setter? We think she is such a fashion hearthrob because her style is approachable and dresses comfortably. She doesn’t take her[...]
Unlike past seasons, this one isn't just about red and green. Spring has popped back up just in time for the holidays, bringing bold fabrics and unexpected pops of colour! This December, I wanted to do things a bit differently, so I chose beautiful bright pinks and oranges in rich, winter fabrics like cashmere and wool to keep it warm and fuzzy. I then added the IT colour from fall, bordeaux, into[...]
As part of the latest campaign, St Laurent and I wanted to show you how to wear the key investment pieces for fall, 3 ways. This week I wanted to build on the winter-white tuxedo blazer, showing how you can wear it to the office, or casually on the weekend.If you’re going to wear white after Labor Day, ensure you’re adding fall colours like warm berry’s (see left) and rich mustard’s (see right). [...]
The heat wave will be over before we know it, so to get you up to speed, I've searched through all the denim trends of the season to give you my TOP 5 picks for fall! RICH BERRY HUES Maroon, Violet, Purple & Raspberry --call it what you will, but I adore all shades of berry.  I recommend trying this colour in a skinny - as it's easier to throw on an over-sized sweater or loose blouse[...]
With the London Olympics in full swing we couldn’t help but be inspired by the colors and sportiness of the games. We’ve put together some of our favorite pieces from St Laurent Centre that channel the spirit of the world’s largest sporting competition. Winner Takes All: Tiered Snake-Chain Necklace This mixed medal necklace from BCBG looks like you’re sporting gold, silver and bronze medals al[...]
It's wedding season, and you know what that means - time to find some dresses that WORK for you! I say "work" because often times women settle on a dress that they'll wear once and never wear again. I hate to say it ladies, but more often than not, you're going to have to try on several dresses before you find the perfect fit... but don't get discouraged if it takes a bit longer than you'd like it[...]
Prom is a HUGE event for teens, especially for the girls. Prom usually marks the first time girls are able to experience getting the dress of their dreams, getting their hair done, makeup, the whole nine yards, to feel like the prettiest girl in the room. But finding a dress can be difficult. You want to find a dress that reflects your personal style while also being unique. There are SOOO many st[...]
Neutrals are in hot demand this season, and they're anything but plain. Every girl needs neutral basics in her wardrobe, but what about statement pieces in subdued colours? Well, this spring, that's exactly what you'll get! Neutral Tones in Bold Ways - If you're going to be doing a sexy dress like this one, going with a quieter colour is sometimes the best way to go. Because a dress like t[...]