Revive Your Style: Sneak Peek of Top Spring Trends!



As I mentioned last week, St Laurent Centre has come on board this year to make Revive Your Style bigger and better than ever! And now that we’re closing in on Sunday, I thought it might be fun to give you a sneak peek into what I have planned for my fashion presentation!

With so many beautiful and wearable trends this season, I thought it would be perfect timing to showcase 6 of my favourite!

3D Drama


Paillettes, sequins and appliqué have all made their way to the party for spring. Forget minimal this time around, it’s all about MAXIMAL. Liquid metals, plated golds and sterling silver also made headway, coming back from last spring’s top trend list. Layers of jewels and beading upon beading, this season is anything but bland.

Art Pop

art pop














Abstract prints and bold colours are not just for the Andy Warhol art lovers  and Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters of the world. Rich reds, cool blues and loud yellows are just a few hues that have found their way into the forefront of fashion this year. It’s all about taking chances this spring, and this trend screams LET’S DO THIS!

Floral Arrangement

floral arrangement














I know what you’re thinking – floral for spring? Nothing new here. But designers took a different approach this year using a more artistic approach. Painted petals, watercolour blends and unexpected shapes took this trend to the next level from seasons past.

Flushed for Blush

flushed for blush













Pink has made a comeback ladies, this time in a softer tone: think of it as an icy pastel pink. Blush is the perfect combination that exudes femininity while flattering any skin tone (hence it’s universal appeal).

Gather & Sway

gather and sway














Fringe and pleats are back baby! Inspired by Moroccan rugs and mystical flapper-esk crimps, these accents truly embody the energy and excitement of spring. Created in layered scarves, long skirts and even blouses, fringe and pleating can be the perfect lift for the emerging season.

Gear Up

Gear Up














Whatever your choice of sport, be it tennis, surfing, or rugby, athletic elements were all over the runways for spring. Perforated fabrics, bold stripes and light weight structured fabrics are sure to be a hit in the heat.

There are still tickets available to Sunday’s event, so be sure to get yours before they sell out:

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