Getting to know Melissa Lamb



Spring is a time of new beginnings and, of course, fabulous fashion. In the spirit of honouring the season, we decided to seek a new beginning of our own – that of newfound partnership, with Ottawa’s favourite fashion girl, Melissa Lamb.

Sitting down with Melissa, we got the opportunity to ask some of those pressing questions that mark the beginning of any fresh partnership. So, grab a cup of tea and join us in this special spring endeavour, of getting to know Melissa.

Q. What is your morning routine for getting ready?

A. Believe it or not, I’m actually not a morning person. My mornings’ start with me hitting snooze several times and refusing to get out of bed until the last possible minute. When I finally do get up, I immediately reach for the coffee pot to get my day going. Once the coffee is on, I hop in the shower and usually use a very zesty citrus body wash to wake up. Lately, I’ve been hitting the gym first thing in the morning so I just throw my hair in a top knot, moisturize my skin with an SPF lotion, apply a coat of mascara and some blush, and then I’m out the door.

Q. Are you a Flats or Pumps kind of girl?

A. Pumps. Always pumps. At 5’3 I like the added height and it also helps elongate the legs.

Q. Dress or casual for a Saturday date night?

A. If we’re going out, I love to dress up. As our climate isn’t “bare-leg-friendly” all year long when the nice weather is here, I live in dresses. I always feel best when I’m in a dress. There’s nothing sexier for date night than a nice dress and pair of heels!

Q. What is your go-to colour for Spring 2018

A. Lavender. I’m obsessed! I’ve always loved the colour so I’m glad it’s out in full-force this season. I can’t get enough!

Q.What style are you the most excited to make a comeback?

A. I love style inspired by the 1950’s. I love how girly and feminine the style was. The tight corset top with a large full skirt is my favourite look, just add some polka-dots and a bow in my hair and I’m complete!

Q. What’s your favourite item in your closet?

A. It’s hard to choose just one. I have these fuchsia high-rise cigarette pants with a bow belt from Dynamite that I’ve been anxiously waiting to wear. I’m just waiting for the weather to cooperate so I can pull them out! I’m not usually a pant person, but I love the colour and they fit so nice as well.

Q. What are your favourite items we could find in your purse?

A. My purse is massive and I carry a lot in there. You can always find gum, a lot of lip gloss and my sunglasses.

Q. If you could shop in any city in the world, what city would it be?

A. Milan, Italy. I’ve already shopped in the other fashion capitals – New York, Paris, London – so Milan is next on my list.

Q. If you had an unlimited budget, what would be the first thing you would splurge on for yourself?

A. Without a doubt a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. The Pigalle 120 Black Patent Leather pumps to be exact.

Q. What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

A. I’m a little messy.

Q. What is your nightly beauty routine?

A. I always wash my face with a cleanser. I prefer a foaming cleanser that removes makeup. Right now I’m using Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. I also use micellar water as my toner and eye makeup remover. At night I use Sunday Riley’s Good Genes and their Luna Sleeping Night Oil.

Q. Are you a lipstick or lip gloss kind of girl?

A. Gloss – I love sparkle and shine!

Q. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

A. (Laughs) A lot. Too many, my dad would say. I just did a major closet purge, but still have over 200 pairs.

Q. We heard a rumour you’ve accumulated a large number of dresses, how many do you own?

A. Before the massive closet purge, I had over 400 dresses. It was crazy. I had half my collection stored at my parents and the other half was busting out of the closet in my condo. Even after the purge I still have more than 300 dresses. My closet rod has permanent damage from the weight of all these dresses.

Just like any good girlfriend, Melissa has some great picks selected for this season and she has done all the hard work scoping out where to find the season’s best at St. Laurent. Follow us on Instagram throughout the year to see what new fashion items she’s picked out and of course visit St. Laurent to pick up these items at all our amazing retailers.

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