We were absolutely overwhelmed with excitement when we learned that we would be picking up decorating tips from Lee Ann Lacroix this Christmas season. Between creating a few DIY projects for holiday gifts and putting together these table settings, she's helped us inch a little bit closer to becoming Martha Stewart.  Lee Ann she oozes creativity and there's never a dull moment when she's around. In[...]
This season we wanted to feature some of Ottawa's most fashionable and their style picks for the Fall season. This video features the lovely Jessica D'Angelo of MIM and Andrew Rastapkevicius of Lifford Wine Agency as they talk about their own personal styles and favourite pieces in their closet.
Over the holiday season we've had a special guest at St Laurent Centre. Andy Brown, otherwise known as "Chalkboy" is an illustrator, and he's spending a month in our centre court creating amazing and most likely very funny chalk masterpieces daily. Here's a time lapse video of one of his days here.