Much like fashion, beauty has a ton of trends to try for fall. I've picked some of my favourite go-to's, ranging from high to low so you can make the choice of which one you'd like to try out! Bold Lips Nothing says fall quite like a ruby red lip. Pop it on in a pinch with a touch of mascara and blush, and you're all set for the day. Matte is the way to go, so you can make the choice of addi[...]
Less than two weeks until the big day, and while the holiday parties start to ignite, your wardrobe might feel a little stretched. One of the best ways to add some holiday spirit to your outfit is with hair accessories. St Laurent Mall has a great selection of headbands and clips to add glitz and glamour to your holidays. If your hair is thick enough or your playing with a curly style, try addi[...]
A great bottle of perfume is the gift that keeps on giving. Thoughtful, with a range of bottles for any budget, a good perfume can last an entire year, making it the perfect holiday gift. Whether your potential gift-ee is someone who loves to stay on top of the trends with perfumes like Prada Candy or Miss Dior Cherie, or rather someone who is more classic and simple, like Clinique Happy, Scent[...]
Arguably the best compliment a woman can receive during the holidays does not revolve around party outfits, hair or a fruitcake recipe, but lashes. Eyelashes are key when it comes to finishing off a makeup look. Falsies on the eyes make peepers pop and create a luxurious and glamorous look. It’s astounding the difference some false lashes can make. When it comes to lashes, its best to not s[...]
The Fall brings so many different changes, the temperature, clothing, even makeup needs to be freshened up! We wanted to focus on something else that often get's sidelined: hair! We took a look at the  Fall / Winter runways to capture our top picks for this season. 1. The Low Pony Low maintenance and chic this ponytail was seen at the likes of Oscar de La Renta, Lanvin and Chloe. Sometimes t[...]
Fall is on the horizon and no one seems able to account for the last two months. Where have they gone... I find myself beginning to contemplate the change of season and I'm in no way ready to pack up my summer wardrobe. Being the pragmatic person that I am, I've found a quiet way to begin my slow and loving embrace of one of my favourite seasons. Fall colours and collections are slowly makin[...]
In the summer the last thing I want to do before stepping outside into a wall of humidity is cake my face full of makeup. The heat and humidity will not be kind to even the most superbly applied makeup job, before you know it everything is, well, melting. Instead of throwing our hands up in defeat we got busy and and complied a list of tools to help you better face the day. Prime If you expect[...]
The MAC Fashion Sets Collection for Summer 2013: richly pigmented, lightweight, long-wearing - and matte!
Whether you're feeling a bright pop of neon or a soft subtle rose there is a shade of pink out there for you. It is without question our go to lipstick hue for this season. Pink lips tend to be universally flattering and add a a feeling of youthful warmth to your look. Fancy yourself a bit of a tomboy? Pink doesn't need to be girly.There's nothing sweeter this summer then a loose and tousle[...]
As a ginger, I can attest to the importance of sunscreen. UV rays are not a joke, and even during months where the sun isn’t on our mind, UV protection should be! Remember that wild day at the end April with the out-of-this-world weather before it got cold again? (Weather Ottawa style!) Yeah, I got a sunburn that day and I’m sure many others did too. Embarrassing tan lines and redness; not to ment[...]
Lois Lee is a natural when it comes to being on TV. Her bubbly personality mixed with her flawless skin and shiny hair make her the perfect co-host for Daytime Ottawa on Rogers TV. She does her own hair and makeup for the show so she is literally a fountain of makeup knowledge and tricks. Her makeup bag contains goodies ranging from luxury products that can be found at The Bay to things availab[...]